21.02.2020, 19:00

An evening with Gregor Gysi 21.02.2020 

He is by far one of the country’s most charismatic politicians. His joke, coupled with his rhetorical strength, allows him to receive respect and recognition from his political opponent. 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of the reunification of Germany. A perfect date for hotel manager Olaf Seibicke to once again turn back the story with Gregor Gysi in the stage talk and shed light on what has been achieved. Opportunities, hopes, realities. We are happy, according to Wolfgang Bosbach of the CDU, to experience a second high-ranking politician once to “touch” and to discuss politics once understandable.

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Price per person 119.00 Euro (1st category) – Includes aperitif and 4-course menu

 Price per person 99.00 Euro (2nd category) – Includes aperitif and 4-course menu


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