Perform, postpone or cancel. How to deal with planned events in times of the ‘Corona crisis’?

The situation is serious, but above all it is unsafe! We are currently in talks with many event planners on how to deal with planned event dates. These considerations could play a role:

The postponement of the event

The first figures from China show (maybe) that the crisis can be mastered. Maybe the worst will be over in two months. And the whole preparation with the conception of the process, the planning of the journey and the procurement of speakers and trainers was perhaps not entirely in vain. And finally, the event should have a goal. That’s still valid, right? In addition, it is better to negotiate costs in the context of a postponement than a pure cancellation. Call us to discuss the possible conditions and alternative dates.

The cancellation of the event

Unfortunately, the complete thought is often the first thought. After all, the health of customers or employees is the most important thing.

Perhaps these considerations are also important now.

  • If there are difficult times for many companies now, there should be no savings on exchange and motivation.
  • A pure refusal may lead the participants to the opinion that “it was probably not so important after all” … Most investments will probably have to be paid for anyway. Conference hotels, already booked arrivals or trainer fees are often not easily recoverable.

We are at your side because we are in the same boat.

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