Ekhof- Theater

The Ekhof Theater, in the west tower of the Friedenstein Castle, is the only theater still functioning stage machinery from the 17th century. Important actors such as Conrad Ekhof, who is known as the eponymous, and August Wilhelm Iffland, already worked at this theater. At the annual Ekhof Festival you can enjoy the historic atmosphere live.

Distance from the hotel DER LINDENHOF: approx. 2.5 km
Walk on foot: about 30 minutes
Way by bike: about 10 minutes

Guided tours require the prior telephone arrangement on 03621 82 34 – or by e-mail: service@stiftung-friedenstein.de.

Address of the Ekhof- Theatre in the castle Schloss Friedenstein:
Schlossplatz 1
99867 Gotha
Tel. +49 3621 82340

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