Perfect for runners, hikers and dog-walks on the Krahnberg

On the doorstep of Hotel DER LINDENHOF lies the Krahnberg-Kriegberg recreation area. The 430 metre high mountain is forested and designated as a nature reserve. It is about 3 km from Hotel DER LINDENHOF to the forest. You reach it on an almost car-free, asphalted country road (Schubertstraße), which is overgrown with bushes and trees at the edges. As a runner you need 15 to 20 minutes, as a walker about 45 minutes. Once there, there are various running and walking paths. The best way to return is via Schubertsraße.


Directions to the Krahnberg

Leave the hotel through the main entrance and keep to the right until you reach the Schubertstraße. There you turn right again.

  • On the right side of the street, leave the Real-Markt and follow the Schubertstraße, which now leaves the built-up area. Right and left you follow fields and meadows and beautiful views. They always stay on this road, which first makes a left and then a right turn.
  • After 3 km you reach the Eisenacher Straße (attention strongly used country road), which you cross.
  • Now enter the conservation area and continue either straight ahead to the shooting range and turn around (then there are almost 10 km back and forth) or turn left, various trails are signposted. So you can customize your running or hiking route individually.

here you can see that the route is really beautiful in summer and winter:

Bicycle rental is now possible

Bicycle rental is now possible

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