Member exhibition of the Association of Visual Artists e.V.

The new exhibition at the KunstForum Gotha presents under the title “Everything a question of format?!” works by a total of 54 members of the Verband Bildender Künstler Thüringen e.V. (Association of Visual Artists Thuringia).  In addition to the classical genres of painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture, architecture-related art and video are also represented. Are drawings and prints rather “small”, painting and sculpture mostly “large”? Can’t a miniature also have a monumental effect? The question of the format, the size of a work of art, its form of representation, but also its material, its visual language and technique always goes hand in hand with questions of content: What do I want to express, why and by what means? Who is the work aimed at? For which place is it intended? Is it meant to fulfil a certain purpose? Not infrequently, trivial practical considerations also play a role.

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