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Welcome to our holistically orientated wellness oasis
WellnessOasis Vital at the HOTEL DER LINDENHOF

Body, mind, soul and environment are closely connected
with each other and have an impact on our health and well-being.
well-being. Our treatments and products are designed with this in mind,
harmonise your body – without artificial additives and with lots of love.

Cosmetic treatments

Basic cleansing                                                                                               48,00 EUR

(cleansing, peeling, cleansing, mask, final care)


Cosmetic treatment                                                                                    57,00 EUR

(cleansing, peeling, cleansing, massage, mask, final care)


Special treatment                                                                                          64,00 EUR

(cleansing, peeling, cleansing, massage, mask, final care)

with apple stem cells, oxygen or NaturPur



(peeling with diamond attachments and mask)
Face                                                                                                                            52,00 EUR
Face and neck                                                                                                      72.00 EUR


Bookable extras

Eyebrow shaping from                                                                                    10,00 EUR
Eyebrow colouring from                                                                                   9,00 EUR

Eyelash tinting from                                                                                          10,00 EUR

outside of a treatment                                                                                    + 3,00 EUR

Active ingredient ampoule from                                                                4,90 EUR

Complete package colouring + plucking                                               26,00 EUR



Depilation with natural sugar paste
sugar paste

Upper lip from                                                                                                           10,00 EUR

Upper lip and chin from                                                                                        15,00 EUR
Armpits from                                                                                                               22,00 EUR
Lower leg from                                                                                                           36,00 EUR
Thighs from                                                                                                                  28,00 EUR
Bikini area from                                                                                                         30,00 EUR
Back, chest or stomach from                                                                             45,00 EUR
Intimate man from                                                                                                   72,00 EUR
Intimate woman from                                                                                            42,00 EUR


Foot care

Standard                                                                                                                       45,00 EUR

(foot bath, nail shortening, callus removal, final treatment)

Premium                                                                                                                       49,50 EUR

(foot bath, nail trimming, callus removal, massage, finishing treatment)


Bookable extras

Polish                                                                                                                                 7,00 EUR
Peeling or wrap                                                                                                          12.00 EUR
Alkaline foot bath with essential oils                                                         10.00 EUR



Standard                                                                                                                          39.50 EUR

(nail shortening and filing, cuticle removal, final care)

Premium                                                                                                                          42,50 EUR

(nail shortening and filing, cuticle removal, massage, final care)



Wellness massages

Face and neck massage (30 min.)                                                                        38,00 EUR
Back massage (20 min.)                                                                                             27,00 EUR
Back massage with fango (40 min.)                                                                    42,00 EUR
Full body massage (40 min.)                                                                                    49,00 EUR
Full body massage (60 min.)                                                                                    68,00 EUR
Foot and lower leg massage (20 min.)                                                               27,00 EUR

Aroma oil massage

with essential oils Oils from Young Living from                                          30,00 EUR

Alkaline honey-salt back massage (35 min.)                                                  46,00 EUR

Energy brush massage (30 min.)                                                                           45,00 EUR

Alkaline salt-aroma oil full body massage (70 min.)                                   88,00 EUR

Foot reflexology massage (30 min.)                                                                      43,00 EUR

Back massage with massage candle (20 min.)                                                 30,00 EUR

Full body massage with massage candle (60 min.)                                       70,00 EUR

Wellness packages

Raindrop-                                                                                                                            108,00 EUR

Massage with essential oils from Young Living –

70 min.


Pure relaxation                                                                                                                90,00 EUR

(foot bath, foot massage, back massage, ear candle and massage)

80 min


Rose magic                                                                                                                         104,00 EUR

(rose peeling, rose bath in the whirlpool, full body massage

with rose oil and glass of Prosecco) – 90 min.


Chocolate dream                                                                                                              72,00 EUR
(full body massage with chocolate oil, chocolate surprise
surprise) – 60 min


Now it’s getting Bavarian                                                                                           90,00 EUR

(foot bath, full body massage, wheat beer and pretzels) – 85 min.


We would be happy to put together a customised package for you – also as a couple’s treatment.


Further offers

Aroma counselling and support with alkaline nutrition and body care

Hypnosis and relaxation techniques (e.g. smoking cessation, weight loss, relaxation, etc.)

Why not add an alkaline spa treatment (3-21 days) to your stay – we will be happy to advise you.
Please note: For agreed appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours before the appointment, we charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the treatment price.

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