05.05.2023, 19:00 until 05.05.2023, 23:00

Christian Kohlund

What a pleasure. Christian Kohlund will be performing on our LINDENHOF stage again. Together with the
composer, Klaus Prünster (among others, Klinik unter Palmen) on the
the electric guitar, he will read the blues of life.
Philosophical texts about life, love and the
creation of virtuoso guitar music. This promises pure goose bumps. The stage interview with our boss will be a
a buddy talk, from hotel manager to hotel manager (Christian Kohlund played the leading role for many years in the “ARD
Christian Kohlund is one of the best known and most popular actors in the country. His voice is erotic
and mature whisky barrel in one.

1st category 145,00€ including aperitif and 4-course menu

2nd category 125,00€ including aperitif and 4-course menu

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