Finally another event!

Alarm clock ringing

On Saturday we finally had our own event again. A reading with “disco legend” Ilja Richter. But it was much more than just a normal evening. It was a starting signal & a wake-up call.
It was our new beginning.
Our chef and his hard-working team cooked as if they were applying for a Michelin star. The service team was attentive, friendly and wanted to hug every guest. It was a special atmosphere.
It wasn’t the most effective evening economically, but it was our own booster. My team was happy, smiling and proud.
Everyone wants more.
Katarina Witt once said, “If you want to be world champion in the summer, you lay the foundation in the winter training camp”. Our training camp has begun.
Our industry has been suffering for two years. To all colleagues who have made it this far, I recommend starting the engine now. When the starting signal is given, the muscles must be warm.
It’s all about doing the right thing at the right time.
Now is the time.

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