The perfect checklist for a wedding planner. It gives a good overview, of what you should think of at what point in time.


Only one more year till your most beautiful day

What has been done?
Find your perfect wedding day.
Decide, what type of wedding it will be. Civil, church or free wedding.
Decide, in what ambient should your celebration take place. Large, small, festive, elegant or traditional.
Setup your guest list.
Request a customized quote from us. For that, we ought to next carry out a detailed conversation, so that we can find out your wishes.
Find your photographer or decide for a photo box. Do you wish for a video? Get an offer for your desired flower decoration, wedding cake, decoration, and musicians.
Plan your honeymoon (think about vaccinations, passport, and visa) and apply for your wedding leave.

Another 6 months till your most beautiful day

What has been done?
Set your wedding date and book your event. Do you have all the necessary papers? For some, you need to apply first.
Buy your wedding dress and the wedding accessories.
Reservieren Sie sich Make a hairdresser appointment and buy your rings.
Match the color of the dresses of the bridesmaids and that of the flower children.
Consider a program (magician, fireworks, balloons, etc.) for your celebration as well as games for the children. - We will gladly plan a play corner for the children
Set your menu or buffet with us and agree with us on a rehearsal dinner.
Plan your wedding-eve party (Polterabend).
Book your wedding dance course.

Only 5 months to your most beautiful day

What has been done?
Book your horse-drawn carriage or limousine.
Book your photographer as well as your musicians.
Finalize your gift list or your gift table.
Plan your decoration, including table and menu cards, and order your wedding invitations cards.
Discuss the details with the theologian or priest and consider the musical accompaniment.
How do the guests of the wedding come to LINDENHOF? Do you need a shuttle service or will your guests go back on their own?

Only 2 months to your most beautiful day

What has been done?
Check the confirmations of your wedding guests.
Reserve the corresponding overnight stays at our hotel.
Send us your desired seat plan.
Order your strewing flowers, the small flower baskets for the flower children and your bridal bouquet.
Order your wedding cake.
Buy a guest book so that your guests can write a perpetual remembrance.
Pick up your rings and think about small gifts for your helpers.

Still 2 weeks to your most beautiful day

What has been done?
Prepare your emergency kit. (Band-aids, hair spray, pantyhose, handkerchiefs, money…)
Prepare the documents for the wedding ceremony.
Prepare your rings, your dress, and your suit.
Try for the last time your dress, your suit and break in your shoes.
Perform a wedding rehearsal with the flower children.durch.

Celebrate your wedding-eve party

Say “Yes” on your most beautiful day

After your wedding day

What has been done?
Send thank you cards with your photo.
Apply for all official changes.

Enjoy your honeymoon

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